Anonymous asked: WHO HAS A BIGGER 'OAK'? YOU OR SHURI?

[Chokes on water he was drinking/] NANI SORE?!!!!

The odacity to ask me that qquestion…! [clears throat, calms down/] Ahem… anyway, my cousin is a little twerp and has yet to “grow” [looks with accomplishment/] Hahaha!!!

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: Are you related to Professor Oak by any chance?

Proffessor Oak? I have never heard of any of my relatives going into Bachelor of Education. No, I am not related to this, this Professor… [smirks/] whomever he is, I hope he doesn’t just sit around a lab examining alien creatures…

Anonymous asked: ARE YOU ALIVE?

Such a ridiculous question, anon!

Well, I AM alive, if that helps with your…deductions.

posted 1 year ago

stupidsexybishop-deactivated201 asked: *places a book in the young bishop's hands* I see you have yet to swap out reading material...

[Eyes widen /] H-hai! hahahahaaaa~

posted 1 year ago

situations-areirrelevant asked: hahaha I love it when you loose your cool. You look cute *________*

Hmph. Thank you my darling!

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: Anything is possible if you make a contract with me!

Contract???? [/smirks] what are you, [/sarcastic] a demon???

posted 2 years ago

situations-areirrelevant asked: Are you saying that you are gay?

CHIGAU CHIGAU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does everyone keep saying that??? What I meant was, there’s a lot of things going on right now with the kors and the 7 ghosts and the military, so a marriage isn’t really on my to-do list. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

posted 2 years ago

stupidsexybishop-deactivated201 asked: You underestimate him then. He has been through very much throughout his life. Teito manages to hold his mask up well. So, be a good friend to him. He needs people who support him.

Sugoi. Teito is… really incredible, isn’t he? [/looks down, ashamed]

HAHAHAAAAA~~~!!!!! now I know why senpai loves Teito so much! [/grins] That explains all the rumors about you two happy couple!

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: HOW'S THAT? I warned you about Frau u_u go get Teito-kun back. I do not accept those two u___________u

… ~~~ What exactly are you saying Anon? [/turns red] And what do I care if Teito and Bishop Frau-senpai are an… [/gulps] item?

[/sighssssssss~~~~~] Mattaku~! Alright…. just this once! … for the lovely fans….

[/Turns beat red] MOUUUUUUU~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

TAIMU OUTTO!!!!!!!!!!! [/breaths deeply] I can not—- I just can’t! Sheesh!!! I hope Teito doesn’t find out about me manipulating the scene a bit! 

posted 2 years ago